Friday, February 11, 2011

Boothby: The Lion and the Mouse.

The following fable may advise
Never inferiors to despise,
Or harm the weak. Some Mice at play,
Where once a slumb'ring Lion lay,
A young one, giddier than the rest,
Leapt on and wak'd the royal beast.
Caught in his paws, she grace implor'd.
Leo forgave her, and restor'd
To liberty. Ere many days
The woodlands as by night he strays,
Caught in a toil, the hills around
Rebellow with his roar; the sound
Soon draws the grateful Mouse, who said
"Fear nothing, Sir, I bring you aid,
"For kindness past" and with these words,
She set to work to gnaw the cords
That bound the toil, and persever'd
Till Leo was from durance clear'd.

Source: Boothby - Gudius 4.

Leo et Mus

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